When I first heard the report from the Blaze that Jim Wallis was on the move with this “Jesus was a Socialist” idea, it was alarming. It may seem rather benign to many but when one considers Marxist Leninists tactics, it merits paying attention to it and more importantly addressing it.
First of all, we have to look at the definition of Socialism itself. Socialism is not very well defined in the minds of the average American. Most people’s definition of Socialism means spreading the wealth; the rich giving up their wealth to the poor to “balance things out”, evening the playing field. This is what we are being told the definition of Socialism is. Most will argue against Socialism on this premise. “Why should we give up our money that we worked so hard for? We worked hard for what we have and have a right to keep it”. Socialism is compared to charity, Government charity to be more specific. We also argue that Socialism is not charity, that government has no business being in the charity business because it’s the taxpayer that pays the bill. All this is the wrong argument!
Let’s be clear. Socialism is “not” spreading the wealth! Socialism is the bridge to Communism. According to dictionary.com: “Socialism, (in Marxist theory) is the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to Communism, …” Karl Marx himself said: “the goal of Socialism is Communism”. It is a means to an end and it is implemented in stages. Communism takes control of societies by force. Socialism is put in place first to prep the targeted society for a hostile takeover. Once Socialism takes root to the point where Government control is so strong its citizens can no longer push back, it is then that a crisis is created to collapse it. Now a power vacuum results and the Communists step right in and overthrow the existing government. Once Communists take power, thanks to the stage set by Socialism, all the activists who brought about the Socialism and those that threaten the newly in power (like the Christians and Patriots) are exterminated.
These stages are multifaceted but they are focused on one goal. These facets include ideas that are introduced and have the perception of being one thing but they really are another, including “social welfare” but yet social welfare in of itself is “not” Socialism, just a facet of it. The homosexual movement is a great example of this subversion. The homosexual movement has nothing to do with setting gays free from a cruel and misinformed society… “oh, I’m a poor gay victim of these religious oppressors”. It has everything to do with distorting the reality that homosexuality is and has always been a perversion of normal human relationships. The initiators and hard core activists at the top of the movement know homosexuality is wrong, but they push it because they know from history that immoral societies always collapse. In the absence of moral standards people self destruct and destroy one other, which is what they want! A woman’s right to choose is another example. A woman’s right to choose has nothing to do with female decision making. A woman’s right to choose is a code phrase for abortion. Marxists do not want to have the sanctity of life as a moral standard, even though they know it is right, because it goes against their plan of destruction. Communism requires the “downsizing” of the planet. So they package death and cover it with sugar to hide the bitterness. This brings up another little euphoric ideal that is being peddled on us: Environmentalism. Environmentalism has nothing to do with saving the planet, or keeping the planet protected from these mean old industrialists. Environmentalism in its inception was designed to destroy industrialized societies under the guise of saving the planet. It has nothing to do with clean dirt, air or water; it has everything to do to with using clean dirt, air and water to regulate businesses out of business and destroy productivity. What happens if there is no productivity in a society? Eventually and inevitably that economy collapses. Maurice Strong, then Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Environment and Development stated at the 1992 Earth Summit: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Maurice Strong is widely known as the father of sustainable development, a strategy for economic breakdown in the environmental movement. What the environmentalists are really up to can be found in The “Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment – United Nation Environment Programme” and the “Report on The United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development”, also known as “Agenda 21”, which are on the UN website. They are very open about it.
The Socialist sympathizers (Democrats) and activists tell us that the rich need to stop being stingy and start spreading the wealth. Let’s first get our Biblical facts straight: the Bible does not say that the rich need to spread their wealth with the poor. The concept of sharing in the Bible does not apply to just the rich, it applies to all! When the Bible addresses the rich (the elites), it is always their sin of oppressing the poor. In one case James confronts the rich (the elites) for “withholding the pay of the laborers” (stealing). When Socialists use the term “rich”, they are referring to the Bourgeoise, the Christian middle class, not the the Bill Gates, or the Warren Buffets (the elites). Mr. Buffet by the way has publicly professed to be ideologically aligned with Socialism. It’s not the super rich that pay the taxes as they claim. The fact is, when policies against the rich are introduced, it’s always the middle class that carry the burden, and the elites are exempt.
The point? It gets really dangerous when this concept that Jesus was a Socialist is pushed on society. Jim Wallis is intentionally using his perverted interpretations from the Bible to support it. Do any of the facts in this article on Socialism sound like Jesus? Jesus was and is still the Son of God, who came to Earth, born of a woman according to the scriptures and prophecy from of old. He came to Earth to do one thing: to establish the new covenant under the direction of God the Father. In order to implement the New Covenant, He brought the kingdom of God to earth and died in our place to free us from our sins! While on Earth, he taught, loved, confronted, rebuked, healed and performed miracles. He had no interest in this world other than the salvation of individuals. He was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven to rule and reign the universe which included this earth. He calls on men and women to repent and enter his salvation so that they do not become a part of the judgement that is coming on this earth from heaven in the future. He commanded us then and commands us now to love one another just as he has love us.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t see Socialism here. As a matter of fact, it’s the complete opposite. Socialism is about death and destruction. Jesus is about life and steadfast loving kindness. Socialism is the bridge to tyranny. Jesus is about freedom… Socialism uses deception in it’s implementation, Jesus is about truth and reality. Jesus is all about love, not promiscuity. I keep trying to look for the resemblance. People can try to sell Socialism as being the same but it is counterfeit. Maybe I need to look a litter harder because quite frankly I don’t see the resemblance between Jesus and Socialism. It’s just not there. This idea that Jesus is a Socialist is a moral trojan horse and it needs to be rejected.
by AE