110 Organizations Voice Opposition to Energy Subsidies in Florida

TALLAHASSEE –This morning, Americans for Prosperity’s Florida Chapter (AFP-FL) delivered a letter to Governor Rick Scott requesting his veto of H.B. 7117. The letter was sent on behalf of 110 politically active, independent, free market and grassroots organizations that combined represent hundreds of thousands of citizens across the state.

“This misguided political ideology of picking winners and losers in the marketplace will undoubtedly continue its pattern of wasting taxpayer money by bankrolling politically-favored energy companies. It leads to crony capitalism and crony politics. We certainly don’t need a Solyndra-type boondoggle here in Florida. Subsidizing renewable energy production will not only distort the marketplace but will actually drive the cost of energy up and undermine Florida’s rebounding economy,” said AFP-FL’s State Director Slade O’Brien.

AFP-FL activists sent more than 5,200 emails in opposition to H.B. 7117 and its companion S.B. 2094 during the 2012 legislative session. Unfortunately, the majority of the Legislators simply failed to listen to their own constituents and ignored the numerous examples of government subsidies failing to create a market for uncompetitive renewable technologies. It was just revealed that Solar Trust, another solar company that was set to receive 2.1 billion in taxpayer money, has declared bankruptcy.

“For far too long government has tried to pick winners and losers in the energy markets,” Mr. O’Brien continued. “We need to get government out of the way and let the market decide which sources of energy work for our economy. President Obama’s green energy giveaways continue to produce one costly failure after another. AFP-Florida encourages Governor Scott not to follow in the President’s footsteps and instead allow the market to drive prosperity through abundant and affordable energy.”

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