There seems to be a recurring theme, a narrative if you will, coming down the news feed wires like a sizzling lightning bolt. Election years seem to exponentially bring out this streak of colors in our media. The mantra goes something like “If it weren’t for those darn obstructionist Tea Party Republicans, we could get things done.” You’ll find it in numerous articles on the economy, politics, and Congress. Who is responsible for this drumbeat and why is nobody standing up in defense of the only sane group of people Congress has seen in decades?
Here are some fine examples of the latest:
During a recent MSNBC interview, Barney Frank blamed the tea party for being enemies of the U.S.! Yes, the poster child for corruption in politics shouting treason at those who want some fiscal responsibility. Here is a man who sat on the floor of the House and covered up the greatest financial scam in U.S. history. While the housing market crashed, Barney fiddled. There’s credibility for you.
Leslie Stall on 60 Minutes had a segment on Eric Cantor and framed him as blocking legislation only because he would never give in to President Obama. The televised tabloid went on to show him at a conference table with those “tea party people” and hammered how low Congress’ approval rating is. Let’s not mention how disgusted Americans have been with Congress for the past 10 years! But again, the key thread was America is in trouble because of the obstructionists in Congress. I guess we have amnesia on how the Congress in control during key years of our economic downturn (2006 – 2008) decided to spend us into oblivion, take over a sixth of our economy and refuse to submit a budget! I’d say our only chance is voting in more tea party types.
The news concerning the latest vote on the payroll tax cut extension was another brain twister. There was no real meat to the reporting on what was actually going on with the bill. No one reported on the fact that mortgage fees for the next ten years are the way Congress plans to pay for a two month extension! The news wires were too busy blaming Republican “obstructionists” (surprise, surprise) for using the Keystone oil pipeline as a diversionary tactic. A project, mind you, that would work towards alleviating our energy costs and bring jobs to America.
Where are our strong leaders? Why aren’t any strong Republicans standing up for the tea party? The truth no longer matters. Distracting us from the failed policies of the man standing in the White House seems to be the main push. If you haven’t observed it before, here’s something to consider. The Keynesian/Socialist policies being implemented by this President are nothing new, but have always failed. History has proved this old game with a new face on it has been tried over and over again. It’s what our Founding Fathers ran from and successfully conquered.
It’s your choice, America – Madison or Marx? I know what I’ll be defending.
by Ray Sanchez