Step right on up folks and get a glimpse of the matchup between the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movement. In one corner we have the new kid on the block, Occupy (OWS), and in the other corner, the 3 year tested Tea Party/912 patriots (TP). Let’s get a tale of the tape.
TP – inspired by massive government spending, Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC about big business bailouts, government takeovers of the private sector, and paying for everybody else’s mortgage. Also, ignited by American principles featured by Glenn Beck in his 912 Project idea coupled with a socialist agenda by the newly elected President Obama, millions of people gathered. Americans united across the nation, followed by freedom loving groups like Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, Fair Tax, American Majority and the Heritage Foundation. A march on Washington D.C. and hundreds of spontaneous events popped up throughout 2009 and 2010.
OWS – orchestrated by communist revolutionary retreads from Students for Democratic Society (SDS). Its testing grounds were the streets of Cairo, and other cities in the Middle East. First billed here in the U.S. as a Day of Rage (September 17, 2011) by Stephen Lerner of SEIU, and then advertised as the Occupy movement on college campuses, in leftist blogs and throughout public sector unions. Working Families of America, Code Pink, Communist Party USA, AFL/CIO, SEIU, ex-Acorn activists, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Van Jones and Columbia University professor Frances Fox Pivens helped promote their events. Mostly college kids, Hollywood celebrities, anarchists and union members turned out to occupy Wall Street.
TP – respectful of others and property, stimulated economy by bringing business to many cities, renting hotel rooms, frequenting restaurants and meeting rooms, paying for permitting and travel. Left event areas clean. No arrests or acts of violence over three years of gatherings. The media, however, painted the Tea Party as racist, violent and offensive.
OWS – violence, murder, rape and destruction of property reported within weeks of its start. Setting up tents in the public square and blocking businesses while “occupying” has been common place. Disregard for the law and provocation of police were a constant. Open public urination, defecation, sex and vulgar language were highly visible. They even have their own disease (Zucotti lung) named after the park they first occupied. The littering of areas left massive cleanup costs up to the municipalities, which, in turn affects taxpayers. The media kept any reporting of these acts off the pages of newspapers and all but glorified the group.
TP – has a message of Americanism, limited federal Constitutional republic, capitalism, individual liberty and responsibility. Understands free market principles and realizes the slow erosion of economic freedom over decades of socialistic practices and progressive policies. Deliberation, debate and actively in holding government accountable are core in its methodology. The Tea Party transcends party politics, learns the lessons of history and believes in the power of the individual.
OWS – no clear message, but claims societal problems are due to wealthy top 1%. Believes we live in a democracy, promotes class warfare, demands $18/hour minimum wage, calls for the beheading of rich, democratic revolution, socialism and the end of capitalism. Social justice, entitlement, collectivism and rules by consensus are important to them. Uses mob techniques in vocalizing against dissent and obstructing of streets. The Occupy Wall Street mindset plays into party politics, repeats bad history, and wants forced redistribution of wealth.
TP – has very little support from elected officials with a few exceptions. Marco Rubio, Jim Demint, Jason Chaffetz, Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul are a few who have publicly demonstrated their approval of the Tea Party and 912 groups.
OWS – has strong support from many public figures such as President Obama, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Rosanne Barr, Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore.
Who will come out the victor? Will it be those who believe in equal justice and that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights? Or will it be those who follow the Marxist tenets from each according to their ability to each according to their need?
Stay tuned for the Summer of Rage, coming to a street corner near you. If you like what Obama’s America looks like, or the French Revolution for that matter, put your money on Occupy Wall Street. If you understand the pillars of liberty and the American way, then Tea Party is your ticket.

by Ray Sanchez