Are we living in trying times? I guess that goes without saying. Most Americans realize something is wrong with America since President Obama took office in 2008. Most of what you hear from everyday folks is how bad Obama is and how much they want him out. They complain and go on with their lives. Parents get up, go to work, send their children to school and come home as if things were normal. They go to church and take their kids to activities. But ask an under 40 parent how bad the school system is. They will complain a little but no alarms go off. Even though in their minds they know things are bad, they don’t understand the depth of what that means. Things are bad but livable.
To understand why our children are in grave danger today, we first have to come to grips with what we are really dealing with in America today. Are we witnessing bickering between Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents, or is it much deeper? Are we witnessing an economic cycle, fiscal irresponsibility, or is there more? Moral decay in our society, why is it happening? What are we really dealing with?
What if you were told that we are heading towards Communism…would you believe it? What if you were told that Socialism is the course we are on and that we are purposely being driven there… would you believe it? What if you were told that Progressivism is Communism, would you agree? Do you really know what Socialism and Communism really are? Really? A good hard look needs to be taken into the ideas of Socialism and Communism. Socialism and Communism are to Americans like what private jets are to 9 to 5ers… they can’t relate to it. Why? Because they are so far removed from the idea of ever having enough money to fly in one. They cannot understand what it is like to be in one let alone own one. Five-million plus to buy one, $1,550 to $5,200 an hour to run one… Can you relate to that? Can you relate to the true implementation of Communism and what that really means? Can you relate to the fact that under Communism more than 135 million people have been brutally murdered? Can you relate to your neighbor being taken away by government agents to gas chambers and never seeing them come back? How about your brother being beheaded because he talked to his friend about Jesus? Can you relate to your next door neighbor’s baby girl murdered because she was a girl? I don’t know of any average American in their 20s, 30s or 40s or even older who can relate to this. What can Americans relate to? How about family, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Seinfeld, the Giants, Camrys, Budweiser, T-ball, MOPs, 401Ks, pensions, vacation trips, American Idol, American Chopper… see the contrast?
So…what in the world is Communism and Socialism? Is it really bad? How bad? Is it something we need to concern ourselves with or is it silly stuff of the past? Why should I care? How am I being or going to be affected? First of all, Communism is the most brutal form of Tyranny in the 20th century. It is more than just political, it is social. It is the antithesis of a moral and free society. It is multifaceted and its implementation is by stealth and is sold as a utopian way of life. When you look at the history of Communism, you find that by the time people figured out it was upon them, and not what it was sold to them to be, victims were faced with a barrage of top down brutality and mass murder. Nowhere in the history of Communism do you find anything else. Communism in its full form enslaves a society in a manner that is beyond civilized people’s understanding. Communism is evil because it not only tyrannical in substance, psychological tactics and deception play a major role in its implementation and sustainment. The breaking of the human spirit and oppression in a manner where hope is crushed is necessary. Biblical faith and morality are the enemy because freedom and unalienable rights counter its evil. Brutality is the taskmaster. The wrath of top down force is something that scars for generations.
The dark world of Communism is foreign to a society like ours that is basically moral. Americans are not angels but Americans are not brutal cold hearted people who don’t even think twice about killing and raping or walking by dead bodies in the streets whom have been laying there for days. We are not there yet but we are heading in that direction when we take into account the assault on our children in movies, games, the classroom and at birth. If we don’t turn our country around now, we will inevitably become a Communist society, as a result of dedicated and a well funded effort of the Progressive movement.
Communism doesn’t start with the dropping of bombs. Communism starts in your Church, in your daycares, at your job, your schools. It starts in your school boards, your movie theater, your news channel, and what influences your home life. It starts with incremental movements that begin to decay morality in a society which leads to the growth of government. Freedom also begins to be taken away incrementally. It starts with “well, don’t mention God in front of Jamie because he might get offended” or, “don’t tell your co-worker you don’t agree with his or her homosexuality”. Don’t you dare pray at a public event where there are muslims or atheists present. It starts with the demonization of biblical faith, getting women out of the house, minimizing fathers and family values, getting children into after school programs. It’s starts with political correctness, absence of God in public places… even in things like smart growth and environmentalism. Sound familiar? Socialism isn’t coming…it already has a presence here and has so for some time. We have dismissed it because we haven’t understood it and have not recognized it.
Friends, Communism poses a clear and present danger to us and our children. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not want to leave this brutal type of society to my posterity. So what are we to do? How can we turn things around and stop it dead in its tracks?
We must get educated on Communism if we are to purge our society of it. How are we to fight the enemy if we don’t know what it looks like? Because the biggest enemy to Communism is morality, we must accept the fact that life is more than just 2 incomes, houses and retirement. It’s about spending time and teaching our children right from wrong; it’s about saying no to temptation; it’s about saying no to those drugs being offered to you. It’s about standing up to defend a handicapped woman being told she must die because she’s a burden to society. It’s about a kind word to your child when he or she stumbles. Our Founding Fathers were not perfect, no one is. But one thing these heroes of America had: strong moral conviction. Without morality, a society crumbles and government has to expand to hold it together. This doesn’t mean that we must become a Theocracy. The panic buttons start to go off when religion is mentioned in politics. There is not advocacy towards the union of church and state however you cannot keep faith and morality out of politics or you get corruption. Morality is what keeps us from violating someone else’s unalienable rights. If morality is taken out of the picture, what do you think will happen? Our Founding Fathers clearly knew this as is reflected in many of their quotes. They were deeply religious men and it was their faith that not only drove them but became the foundation of their understanding of unalienable rights, including freedom.
We can get the national debt under control with hard work but then what?
Do we want to get our country back? Do we want to restore America to its core values? Do we want to leave a free society to our posterity? Then let’s start getting our own lives in order and start standing up to Communism in the classroom, our churches, our jobs, our school board meetings, our county council meetings, our television stations. We don’t all have to be activists, not all of us can stomach it. But one thing we can all do, from the least to the greatest, and that is to say no to evil!
by AE